Heralded as “one of the most versatile studio talents in the business” by Pro Sound News Europe, Kallie is a recording engineer and  record producer who has worked with artists such as Jeff Derringer, Ashley Hicklin, Røyst, January Jane, RainMKERS, Makes My Blood Dance, and Mary and the Ram. She also produces and writes for her own studio project, Explosives For Her Majesty.  Kallie is an award winning composer. Her work  encompasses music for Film, TV, Dance, Sonic Branding, and a keen interest in creating music for video games, and is a Broadcast Production Music Award recipient with MPath Music. Kallie is a Grammy Voting member of the Production wing of the Recording Academy, and also writes for Sonic Scoop, Vintage King, and is a contributing author to title(s) on Music Production published by Rutledge Taylor Francis Group, and Rowman & Littlefield. Her book with Rowman & Littlefield is: Conversations With Women in Music Production: The Interviews

Photo by Bahram Fahrooghi, Flux Studios NYC, 2019. Click Image to go to Headliner Radio Podcast Interview with Kallie Marie.